Tripodking Corporation

We keep the mission of “Eating is priority. We always keep working on developing Chinese delicacies.” We devote to promote the mixture between delicacies and culture. Also, feat with the modern fashion style of food business concept, we create a known food kingdom. Brands under us such as Tripodking, Wulao and Yan Syuan all attract millions of people every year come to try our delicacy. Thanks to countless customers’ recommendation and love, you guys make us become a famous and high-ranking brand in Taiwan.


We create our unique manner of bowing. Guests are our priority.

Except our delicious delicacies, we also use the unique bowing manner to fully express our humble and polite Chinese culture. We develop a lot of service surrounded by this concept to make guests feel the sincere service and respect. It has become one of our features in Tripodking.
At Wulao, the “Fairy Peach-blossom Village” provides a relaxing Zen-styling space for customers to enjoy gourmets with caring services in a peaceful ambiance. Here, people can find a care-free space of their own, relaxed from bustling working days.


Layered Tofu Hotpot

Layered Tofu Hot Pot uses mixing chicken bones, pork bones, onions, green onions, ginger, and garlic to stir out original flavors of these ingredients while maintaining essence of the food. Then, it’s added with herbal flavoring agents grant the soup with sweet aftertaste effect. All these ingredients make Layered Tofu Hot Pot an admiring choice for its unique soup flavor.

Spicy Wulao Hot Pot presents unique flavor of soup. It first selects several kinds of herbal flavoring agents to cook them together, and then adds the second batch of herbal flavoring agents to produce a unique flavor of the key materials for Spicy Wulao Hot Pot. Then, it’s blended with the soup base which stewed with onions, green onions, ginger, garlic, chicken bones, and pork bones. All the ingredients bring out the rich taste and unique flavor of Wulao Spicy Hot Pot.

Spicy Wulao Hotpot

Twin-side Hotpot

Layered Tofu Hotpot vs. Spicy WulaoHotpot

We take the merit both in Chinese and Japanese hotpot, so that you can taste two flavors at one time. Also, we have our own unique tofu in our soup base which called - layered tofu. The special taste would be the unforgettable things to try in your life.